3 – Gun / Multi-Gun

3-Gun shooting events are practical shooting events where the stages are shot with a combination of a rifle, handgun, and shotgun. Matches generally involve courses where the shooter must move through different stages, and engage targets in a variety of different positions.  Three Gun or Multi-Gun events are becoming more common as the challenges offered by this combination shooting sport gains popularity.

CCSC will be holding 3 Gun Nation Official Qualifiers and Matches at the LFGA Shooting Sports Facility and other venues in Southern Alberta. If you are interested in finding out more about 3 Gun Nation or to register as a competitor visit http://3gunnation.com

3GN has implemented a ranking system so that shooters can determine where they rank amongst other shooters across the country and have a goal to move toward. Each division will be divided into 6 classes. A shooter’s class will be determined by the score of the first Classifier Stage shot by the club member. After shooting more than 4 unique classifiers, only the top 4 scores will contribute to the shooter’s ranking and overall points. It is through this method that a shooter will move up through the classes.

Percentages are listed below: (as of 1/1/2013)

  • Expert 95% – 100%
  • Pro 84% – 94.9%
  • Semi-Pro 75% – 84.9%
  • High Marksman 60% – 74.9%
  • Marksman 40% – 59.9%
  • Amateur 2% – 39.9%

Please visit our Upcoming Events Page for our current schedule.

3 Gun Nation Club Series Rules can be found here. 3 Gun Nation Rules

Please contact David Jackson for information on 2021 Matches.