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The Chinook Country Shooters Club exists to promote the safe and proficient use of firearms.
Although our primary focus is on handguns, we also run events for other restricted firearms and shotguns.

Located in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, we provide recreation, competition, and safety/proficiency instruction for shooters in Southern Alberta.

Most of our shooting is done at the beautiful and expansive Lethbridge Fish and Game Shooting Range located in Peenaquim Park in north Lethbridge.

We have several active youth programs and provide a reduced membership for those 17 years of age or under. Check out our CCSC Youth Programs.

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Sport Shooting in 2020/2021?


CCSC Supports CCFR!

Chinook Country Shooters is a Business Member of The CCFR, and is also taking an active role fighting the OIC Ban by substantially donating to The CCFR. This Organization was created to deal with the specific challenges surrounding the future of firearm rights, and is the most active and influential firearms advocacy groups in Canada.  We encourage everyone to get involved with the CCFR, your support is the future to this great sport.

Please follow the link below for more information on how you can get involved.



Rob McKenzie - President

As we begin the new year, we have so much to look forward to.  We are in challenging, unprecedented, and perhaps unique times. Given that we are functioning during a pandemic, we are unsure about a number of things but never unsure about the resilience and dedication of the membership of Chinook Country Shooters Club.

Your Executive and Board of Directors have set out a number of goals for this year.  We are very excited with the support of the membership to move forward with these goals: some including supporting the CCFR, the addition of Steel Challenge, and two new Sea-Can’s for the storage of our equipment and property.

Elected to be your President of Chinook Country Shooter Club for the 2021 year, I will strive to make this club the best action shooting club. Our authenticity and success as a sports shooting club shines through such interactions, and trusting in each other will enable us to achieve great things.


Brent Lloyd - Vice President

David Jackson - Treasurer/Secretary

Eric Erickson - Director

Walter Hornby - Director

Dave Mereski - Director